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EskieMama Reads Saturday Spotlight w/Giveaway: Pure Fantasy by M. Eror

Welcome to EskieMama Reads Saturday Spotlight!! Today we are spotlighting M. Eror's debut novel Pure Fantasy!
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M. Eror's Debut Novel

Lana is convinced that she lives in perfect harmony with her own carefully devised plan. And everything in her life seems to go as she intends it. A new city. A new job. New acquaintances. And most importantly: life without a man!
One autumn afternoona dark-haired man enters her small shop. His arrogant demeanor and provoking character are more than irritating. She is perfectly aware that her reactions to Mr. Arrogant undermine her most important rule. Never mind! She’ll never see him again.
Will he disrupt her plan?

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Q & A with Jett Munroe author of In the Line of Fire

Q & A with Jett Munroe author of In the Line of Fire

How did you come up with the idea for this story? I wanted to do a book about a band of brothers versus damsel-in-distress. And while the damsel in IN THE LINE OF FIRE does end up in some distress, it’s not directed at her as much as it’s a way for the villain to get at the hero. But what I wanted to get across was the brotherhood of men who have put their lives on the line with, and for, each other.
Where do you find your inspiration? Everywhere. News stories, TV shows, books (fiction and non-fiction), song lyrics. It’s hard to say when an idea might strike.
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? Lately it’s been a challenge just getting my behind in a chair and stringing words together. There are other things I’m finding time to do, and my writing suffers for it.
What are your current projects? I’m currently working on book 2 in the Hot Desert Heroes series, as well as plotting out novella ideas for De…

Q & A with Flo Fitzpatrick author of Scarecrow's Dream

Q & A with Flo Fitpatrick author of Scarecrow's Dream

What books have influenced your life most?

In terms of wanting to write, pretty much everything Mary Stewart and Elizabeth Peters ever did. In terms of how I see life, probably “To Kill a Mockingbird” (although it might have helped that my own dad had a lot of similarities to Atticus Finch… so not sure which was parental influence and which was Harper Lee!) And I became intrigued with the paranormal through Anya Seton’s “Green Darkness”.

Are there any new authors that have grasp your interest?

Not that ‘new’ but I was lucky enough to meet Robert Dugoni at a mystery conference a few years ago and have followed his books since.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I’ll choose one… since I’ve got three going. Abby Fouchet “Charm the Air” set in the present in a theatre camp (for “problem kids”) outside of San Augustine Texas. Abby (who has second sight and occasionally hears ghosts) tries to solve a murder without …

Blog Tour: Paper Castles by Terri Lee

Paper Castles By Terri Lee Genre: Romance/Women's Fiction


"I want to know what goes on in your head," Adam said. "What do you think about? What are your dreams?"
"My dreams," Savannah said, picking up her spoon and stirring her coffee again. She stared into the swirling depths as if she could conjure up the specter of the girl who once had dreams to spare. "Funny thing is—I got everything I wanted."

Where do you go when you find out everything you wanted isn't what you need?

Savannah Palmerton picks up a brush and heads to an art class, desperate to find a piece of the girl she used to be, before the country club dances and the boring dinner party conversations. In 1963 the country is still playing in her innocence, but there are rumblings beneath the surface. The fabric of America is just beginning to fray around the edges. So it is in Savannah Palmerton's life.