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Happy Holidays!!!

Hi all sorry I have been incognito for awhile but I had to step away from my blog due to health issues. I plan to be back hopefully first of the new year (keeping fingers crossed), but I am going to limit myself on posts.  
I hope this post finds you all in the good health and the holiday spirit.  I would like to giveaway a book of your choice 2.99 & under to one lucky person who comments on this post.
If you want more giveaways head over to Lucy Belle's facebook page an enter any of her giveaways for her novella Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance.

Brody Stevenson, Jake Callahan and Trevor Winters are planning a night to remember for three special ladies; Michaela Horton, Jaden Kingsley, and Rayna Baxter at the Meadow Falls annual Sweet heart Dance. But will a secret Brody, Jake and Trevor harbored for three months make this magical night a night from hell.

it was a fast read, lovely story...A few twist and turns - Amazon 5 star review

Excerpt from Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance
Trevor st…